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Development path

Development path

Shenzhen Norman Boutique Timing Co., Ltd., the original company was established in 1984 in Hong Kong to produce pocket watch-based, when the products are mainly sold in Hong Kong.








In 1989, the factory relocated from Hong Kong to Shenzhen and began to produce finished watches and pocket watches. It was rated as AAA-class enterprise and trusted in quality. In the same year, the factory was invited to serve as the director unit of China Watch Association and provincial watch and clock association.

With the development of the market, we shifted the focus of sales to overseas in 2000, and the finished products began to be exported to European and American countries and transformed into OEM and ODM manufacturers.

In order to better serve all partners, we apply to the internationally renowned certification body SGS IOS9000: 2000 quality system certification, and in July 2003 to obtain certification.

Years of solid work, has been highly praised the community, the Guangdong Provincial Association of watches and clocks issued to our 2011 outstanding member companies.

In order to continuously improve our core competitiveness, we apply for the IOS9001: 208 quality system certification from the internationally renowned certification body ITS and obtained the certification in 2011.